About Me

Gabriel Fair is a software engineer, scientometricist, big data masters student, and social organizer.  Graduate of Clemson University class of 2013, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  His resume can be found here.

“His passion, dedication, and energy  is undeniable. Gabe possesses an indefatigable drive to realize his vision of a greener and more environmentally aware campus.” — Austin Barrett



The Vanguard Group, NC, Full Stack Developer (2016-present)

  • Developed net-centric modular microservices using Java, AngularJS,Spring, Maven, Cucumber, Jasmine

The Vanguard Group, NC,Hadoop Administrator (2015)

  • Data wrangled investment feeds and used Oozie to automate services
  • Implemented a Big Data analytical platform using R Studio and Bayesian Statistics

The Vanguard Group, NC, Java Specialist (2013-2014)

  • Developed investment management systems using Agile methodologies, Spring Integration and JavaScript
  • Integrated many vendor products into a production environment

Certus Bank, SC, Network Admin (2012)

  • Assisted with Windows server administration
  • Troubleshot our Data Centers and vendor product maintenance


Machine Learning, UNCC (2015)

  • Wrote a web scraper in Python and Selenium to collect movie captions and create word associations

Big Data Analytics, UNCC (2015)

  • Implemented supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods to classify various data sets
  • Analyzed Charlotte, NC crime data using a Neural Network, and PCA to predict rates of case closure


  • Java, Python, R, AngularJS, SQL, Spring Integration, Maven, Pen Testing, Android
  • Design Patterns, Bash, VIM
  • Adobe Premiere Pro, Blender


Clemson University, President’s Commission on Sustainability, PCS (2009-2013)

  • Established the Clemson University Sustainability Plan with the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030

Clemson University, Co-president/Founder Students for Environmental Action, SEA (2008-2013)

  • Lead the effort to make SEA a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
  • Organized members to win several campaigns in absence of defined parameters without supervision

Clemson University Environmental Teach-In, Chairman (2011)

  • Hosted a climate change research conference with over one thousand attendees

Clemson University, Resident Assistant (2010)

  • Fostered a living environment that promotes mutual respect among the residents and emphasizes courtesy, consideration, contribution, involvement in the Clemson community


  • Clemson Martin Luther King Service Student Award 2011
  • Solid Green Award 2011
  • Clemson University Most Outstanding Service Organization 2010 (SEA)
  • Outstanding Bridge Student 2008


  • Healthy Campus Initiative Employee (2010-present)
  • Clemson University Bridge Program Student Orientation Ambassador (2010)
  • Palmetto Environmental Action Coalition (2009-present)
  • Clemson University Connect Leader (2009)
  • Pickens County YMCA Summer Camp Counselor (2009)
  • Clemson University Environmental Committee (2008-present)

“I can honestly say that during my 15 years teaching environmental ethics at the college  level, I have never known any student to be as active an organizer, or so strong a  proponent, for positive environmental change.” –Allen Thompson